What is Facebook Lite App, How to Fix It’s Bugs

Socializing with friends and family is now much easier than ever before. Facebook lite app is there for you to perfectly and easily socialize with your friends and family members. This app is small in size and could be load in 2G network. It’s a perfect app for those, who wants to use less data and save their overall expense of internet surfing. Almost, every smartphone user out there use this app to have a perfect access to their Facebook account, and that is the reason why it’s the responsibility of Facebook app development team to maintain quality for a long lasting time. Software QA consulting firms are there to help the developers of this app to find out the bugs at the initial stage of development life-cycle. Facebook lite app delivers the following socializing benefits to all of its users.

  • Easily accessible, even on slow internet speed
  • Make new family friends
  • Find local social events
  • Save photos or add new albums
  • Follow new personalities to see their latest news

Why to Conduct Functional Testing OF Facebook Lite APP

As per the user’s reviews about this app, the app is facing functional bugs and vulnerabilities especially at the time of installation. Any kind of functional vulnerability could be taken care of with the help of a mobile apps testing company having years of experience in quality assurance. Functional vulnerabilities might affect the quality in a long run. The only way to maintain functionality of an app is by performing accurate test analysis measures.

Accurate and resourceful functional test analysis during the development stage can really deliver enormous amount of benefits related to long term quality assurance. Functional testing of any mobile app should have to be carried out from the start of the development process. A software QA consulting firm use the following test analysis procedure to establish overall functional testing.

  • Initiation of statement of work through requirement gathering
  • Estimation of requirement planning through tractability matrix
  • Mobile app hardware configuration through test cases and test scenarios
  • Test data preparation and test planning implementation
  • Execution of functional testing frameworks
  • Reviews and analysis of test cases
  • Preparation of test reports and app test writing
  • Project closure

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