Use Kualitee for Precise Test Results

Software quality assuranceSoftware quality assurance procedures will deliver the expected amount of results when these will be carried out through perfect bug management tools. Kualitee is the most advanced and entirely useful bug management tool out there to deliver sophisticated class test measurement results.  It’s the best tool with some great innovative test features. This tool gives the detailed picture of all kinds of defects to assure sustainability in results. Kualitee has now become the favorite tool of software testing services firms to detect bugs at the initial stage of development life cycle.  Its top features are as follows.

  • Develop and execute detailed test plans to have full control over your test management lifecycle. Choose test cases of your choice and run these to reuse in your regression cycles.
  • Can save all of your testing work in any format of Pdf, Excel, and Word to show test results in weekly, daily and monthly meetings. This tool will also help you to manage all of your test cases in an entirely formal and professional manner.
  • Create customized test fields as per your test project requirement with very much less hassle. If you are using the third party integrated data source, then use Kualitee for flexible test approaches. You can make copies of your test cases and can reuse for your future testing procedures. Test case writing is somewhat a repetitive job; templates can help you to save your precious time.
  • As a tester, you can now easily attach essential screenshots and link to your test cases. This process will make testing entirely understandable and easy to implement. You can keep the full track record of test coverage their references and statuses through Kualitee to improve the overall performance of your developed program.
  • Software testing services firms can now create custom defect reports with Kualitee to enhance the performance of their software.
  • Kualitee delivers more than the traditional Bug management tools as testers can now achieve complete integration of JIRA.
  • Now, it’s so easy to detect bugs and manage them with Kualitee to have a full control of types of defects. With the help of Kualitee, anyone can easily monitor the bug history with multiple information pointers.

Ending Note

Quality assurance of every software is mandatory to enhance its performance on any available platform or device. Bug management tools can help to improvise the performance of software by removing out the bugs in a timely fashion. The sustainability in their implementation is the key to achieve optimum level growth.

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