Test Analysis Procedures for a Cleaner App

Clean master app is recognized as the best optimization app out there allowing smartphone users to keep their phone clean and perfectly safe from any kind of virus. It’s a kind of an app which not only helps you to hide your personal files and encryption of data but as well as provide perfect quality secrecy and privacy in content viewing. Quality assurance of this particular app is really essential to maintain overall perfection and accuracy in output. The developers of this app have to make it sure that the quality of their app is perfectly maintained with the help of a software testing services firm has years of experience in software test management and quality assurance. Top of the line features of Clean Master app are…

  • Free your storage by removing out junk residual and spam files
  • Scan all of your apps with the help of its strong antivirus to protect your device
  • Helps to keep your photos safe from any kind of potential intruders
  • Boost overall mobile speed by freeing up the RAM
  • Save battery power and extend the overall battery life capacity

Testing frameworks for Cleaner App

As I have mentioned earlier that any software testing company use a verity of test analysis procedures and measures to assure perfection out of any app or software. Following are the most effective ways of quality assurance frameworks employed by QA professionals to accomplish perfection in overall quality.

  • Performance testing frameworks
  • Automation testing frameworks
  • App security testing
  • Functional testing frameworks
  • Responsive testing frameworks

Mobile app automation testing is the most effective way of accessing the overall performance and accuracy in results.  Automation testing not only helps to detect vulnerabilities but as well as it reduces the overall cost of testing. As compared to manual testing, automation is more resourceful and result oriented. It’s the responsibility of cleaner app developers to hire a testing team on permanent grounds in order to accomplish excellence in quality assurance of their app. The process of automation testing for app evaluation is as follows.

  • Understanding the business requirements for automation analysis
  • Evaluation of IT requirements for app testing
  • Defining out the overall resource and resources
  • Framework implementation and script analysis
  • Automation test case execution
  • Identification of software bugs and vulnerabilities
  • Detection of app errors and it’s reporting

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