Test Analysis Procedures for a Cleaner App

Clean master app is recognized as the best optimization app out there allowing smartphone users to keep their phone clean and perfectly safe from any kind of virus. It’s a kind of an app which not only helps you to hide your personal files and encryption of data but as well as provide perfect quality secrecy and privacy in content viewing. Quality assurance of this particular app is really essential to maintain overall perfection and accuracy in output. The developers of this app have to make it sure that the quality of their app is perfectly maintained with the help of a software testing services firm has years of experience in software test management and quality assurance. Top of the line features of Clean Master app are… Continue reading

Positives Aspects of Kualitee as a Software Testing Tool

Software As a software testing professional, you always have to choose those test analysis measures and tools, which are perfectly suitable for your testing work. Software testing tools play a significant role in assuring the overall performance and accuracy in results. A wide range of software testing tools are available in the market but among all Kualitee is the most advanced and reliable one. It’s the best tool which not only helps to detect bugs and vulnerabilities at the earliest stage of development lifecycle but as well as it reduces the chances of any further exposure of bugs.  QA services firms can achieve the following benefits with Kualitee.       Continue reading

What You Can Achieve With Kualitee

Software testing tools- KualiteeSoftware testing is an essential process, which requires sustainability in its approach. Software QA professionals at a software testing services firm love to use Kualitee, as it’s the best one among all available software testing tools. This tool delivers some great quality assurance benefits in terms of defect management and their careful eradication with the passage of time. This tool is perfectly integrated with JIRA so as to accomplish desired testing benefits in a timely fashion.  Kualitee has a powerfully designed dashboard which gives the quick status of projects as you will log in your test cases. Kualitee delivers the following test analysis benefits to all of its users. Continue reading

Functional Testing OF PicsArt App

Software testing servicesPicsArt app is used by the more than 6 million Android smartphone users around the globe. It’s a perfect app out there which enable its users to make certain changes in their image with complete ease and perfection. PicsArt is all about making world-class awesome pictures of your friend and family and then share these with others after applying different modes. PicArt is available in all in one create suit to deliver free of cost adjustments in resolution and in overall settings of an image. Every day new users get attracted towards this app and install it on their devices. It’s essential for the developers of this app to ensure quality by removing out the functional bugs with the help of a software testing services firm. The users of this app achieve the following benefits from this app. Continue reading

Mobile App Testing OF Uber App

Mobile Apps Testing- Uber AppUber app is rated among the best driving app available out there, allowing it’s users to move from one specific place to another. Millions of smartphone users around the globe use this app to move around and reach to their desired destination. This specific app required performance testing, in order to deliver perfect amount of quality to all of their users, when they select a specific destination. Performance testing of this app will surely allow its users to book any ride in a perfectly reliable fashion. Uber app delivers the following benefits to all of its users. Continue reading

Software Test Analysis Procedures for Samanage Software

Software testing companySamanage is perfectly suitable for the companies whom are looking for a help desk management solution, which offers IT services management functionalities. This particular software offer comprehensive IT services management functionalities and help it’s users to provide improved support of their services. It’s the responsibility of development team engaged on the project of samanage to ensure quality of their software with the help of a software testing company having years of experience in quality assurance. The developers of this software have to make it sure that, quality of their software is precisely maintained with the help of a QA company. Automation testing is the best way to establish quality, as it takes less time and deliver enhanced quality throughout the development cycle. Continue reading

Testing Frameworks for Lyft App

Usability Testing CompanyIf you want to take lift in order to move to a specific place in your city, than use Lyft app. it’s a perfect app available out there, to move to a certain destination without hiring a cab or taxi. This app is cheaper than any other available services out there. A huge number of users have download and installed this app on their smartphones to conveniently move from one specific place to another. This specific app required usability testing with the help of a software testing company in order to assure quality in performance on all available devices and platforms. Lyft app will only delivers the required amount of benefits, when it will be tested out in a sustainable fashion. Continuous testing of this app can maintain perfection in quality deliverance for a long lasting time span. This app delivers the following benefits to all of its users. Continue reading

Achieve Proficient Testing With Kualitee

Software Testing ToolsSoftware testing is an essential way to maintain quality and overall performance of a software or IT infrastructure by removing out the bugs in a timely fashion. Software testing tools are the vital part of quality assurance procedures to establish perfection and overall accuracy in ending results. Kualitee is rated among the most effective and fully reliable testing tool out there, allowing it’s users to perfectly maintain quality on all available devices and platforms. This tool has plenty of innovative features that not any other testing tool have. This tool not only helps it’s users to detect bugs at the initial stage of development life cycle but as well as it also helps to manage bugs and vulnerabilities in a fully reliable manner. Kualitee delivers the following benefits to all of its users.  Continue reading

How to Ascertain Quality of Careem App

Careem App- Software Testing CompanyMillions of passengers around the globe use this app to travel from one specific place to another. It’s a number one car booking app for safe, reliable and affordable ride. Although the app works perfectly well on all available platforms and devices but sometimes its users have to face vulnerabilities and bugs at the time of installation. Automation testing of this app on regular intervals can really help to enhance overall performance on all available devices. It’s the responsibility of this app developers to assure quality by hiring the services of a software testing company having years of experience in mobile apps testing. As compared to manual testing, automation testing really helps to improve overall quality of an app for a long lasting time. This process helps to detect bugs at the initial stage of development lifecycle, so the product could be launched in a successful manner. With Careem app, you can achieve the following benefits. Continue reading

Kualitee! The Most Precise Test Management Tool

Software Testing Tools- KualiteeSoftware test management tools really help any development firm to maintain overall quality of their developed products before their final release. An app will only perform well, when it will be perfectly analyzed through comprehensive test management tool with the help of a software testing company. A wide range of test management tools are available out there, but among all Kualitee is the most effective and beneficial one in terms of quality deliverance and test measurement. It delivers the precise analysis of any specific software under development.  This tool is available in four different price ranges through which you can achieve quality of your developed apps and software. Kualitee delivers the following features. Continue reading