Bugs That Might Affect Tumbler App! How to Fix These

Software Testing CompanyTumbler is the place to share and post about your stuff with your friends and family members.  It’s the best photos sharing app available out there but some of its users have to face vulnerabilities at the time of installation of new updates. This happens because of the reason that optimized level quality assurance is not carried out with the help of a software testing company having years of experience in mobile app testing. Quality assurance with consistent time interval can deliver plenty of benefits in terms of performance maintenance and optimized level functionality. Tumbler app delivers the following benefits to all of its worldwide users.

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How to Maintain Quality Of ShareIt App

Software Testing Company- Kualitatem

If you all are looking for faster sharing of files and images, than must use SHAREit app. It’s the best one, when it comes to high speed sharing of files. More than three million peoples around the globe use this app to effectively transfer files from one specific smart device to another one. This app could easily be exposed to vulnerabilities and bugs, in case if it’s testing is not carried out in a sustainable fashion. It’s the responsibility of development team, engaged on the project of SHAREit software to hire the services of any mobile apps testing company in order to achieve overall performance and accuracy. This app delivers the following benefits to all of its users.

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Top 3 Smartphones Of 2016

top smartphone of 2016In year 2016, smartphone manufacturers has to face a tough competition in order to get the attraction of their worldwide users. The only reason why users loves to use a particular smartphone is because they can install any of desired apps on it, and can perform their work accordingly. Mobile app testing plays a vital role here, especially when users have to select a smartphone on the basis of their preferred apps. This factor simply enhance the competition among the smartphone manufacturers. Below is the list of top three smartphones of 2016. Continue reading

Tapatalk Mobile App & Its Comprehensive App Testing

TaptalkWants to contact with those who have similar interest & passion as you have then use taptalk. This app have awesome features which distinguish it from other traditional social media platforms. Taptalk easily helps to find the area you are into so as to efficiently get touched with those who are very close to your heart.  Millions of users are now online by getting connected with their like minded peoples with the help of this app.  Here you can follow topics and then share them with your group and friends. You can post ideas/pictures/videos and feedback on that platform with respect to your hobby & likings.  Personally meet & make a chat with your friends with the members you like by using that platform. Testing is always vital & necessary approach to maintain the standards of app overall desired performance. This app required consistent and permanent approach of testing and its developers must has to think about it on permanent basis. Continue reading

Testing Of Photile Live Wallpaper APP

PhotileThe app which got the appreciation among all the smartphone users across the globe in recent times is photile live wallpaper app. That specific app is used by the smartphone users to manage the image, shadows, and layout and lock screen of their smartphone in a more customizable and interesting way. The important thing that must be understood by the developers of that app is to conduct testing on that app at regular intervals. Mobile app testing services providers are the ones who have efficiently designed and developed those kinds of tools which could quickly  identify any kind of bugs and inefficiencies that could affect the profile live wallpaper app overall performance. Continue reading