Software Test Analysis Of imo beta App

Now do chat and video calling with your friends and family members by just installing imo beta app. It’s the perfect app which allows you to communicate with any one, no matter what kind of device you are using.  More than 300k smartphone users around the globe have installed this app on their smartphones, through which they communicate with their beloved ones. According to the reviews available on Google Play regarding this app, some of its users face downloads and installation issues at the time of updating their apps. It’s the responsibility of the development team engaged on the project of imo beta app to maintain quality of their app by employing automation test analysis procedures with the help of a software testing company. imo beta app delivers the following chat and messaging features to all of it’s users.

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Top Software Testing Companies Acting Worldwide

software_testing_companiesSoftware testing is essential as well as mandatory for every IT firm out there to contain the overall performance standards of their installed programs and infrastructures. There are plenty of different software testing companies out there, whom are engaged in the deliverance of quality assurance testing protocols and frameworks. Software testing also include penetration tests which are carried out to evaluate the security of a software IT program by safely exploiting the security vulnerabilities and bugs. Security vulnerabilities in an IT unit might exist due to improper configurations and application flaws. A software testing company basically help developers to maintain the optimal level security by removing out the bugs and vulnerabilities attach to an IT infrastructure. Below you can find out the list of top software testing companies performing worldwide. Continue reading

Automaton Testing Benefits for getting Resourceful Testing Results

automation-testingSoftware testing overall is a huge domain. Software testing analysts use diverse nature tools and frameworks to access the performance of a specific software. Automation testing is now more preferable and resourceful in comparison to manual testing artifacts. Both manual and automation testing has their own positive aspects but automation deliver more proficient and organized results. Black box testing, performance testing, integration testing, white box testing, system testing & load testing are the major part of automation analysis process. Manual testing is not a precise and effective testing process as it only detects few bugs and vulnerabilities. Manual testing is best way to test, when you have to carry out small duration test projects of low cost. This process also requires more resource and investment at the time of its initiation. Worldwide, software testing services providers like to use automation testing as it is more resourceful and perfect to deliver results. Continue reading

Automation Testing! Which Company to Choose

Automation Whenever a software code is altered. It requires complete and efficient Automation testing.  Automation testing is the most preferred choice of testers to accomplish desired optimum quality. More than 40 % cost can be reduced by using automation test processes. It also reduce test time more than 20 %.  Software developers love to use automation testing procedures in order to analyze expected performance standards via automation. They hire automation testing company which helps them to evaluate accurate performance by employing efficient testing tools. You can find out the details about top rated automation testing companies right below. Continue reading

The Persistent App Testing Of Retrica

Retrica AppThe persistency in testing is always a key to maintain the long-lasting performance of an app especially Retrica;  that  is the most eminent app regarding providing best quality loaded filters, customization, editing and making collage pics. From the time when it is released; over more than two hundred and fifty downloads are recorded and because of that reason it’s become essential for its developers to apply those parameters and tools which lead to sustainability and reliability in the performance of an app. you can preview your snap and photos before posting it on a platform by using that app. That app provides compelling features like vintage, collage, stamp, timer, exposure and social to all their users who have download that app and install it on their smartphones. Continue reading