Software Testing Protocols for Online Time and Attendance Software

Software Testing ServicesSoftware testing basically refers to a scenario, where a software is tested out on the basis of its performance/functional criteria. Software test analysis process and procedures not only helps to identify bugs at the initial stage of development but as well as remove these to make sure the optimal level accuracy and reliability. Time and attendance software are widely used by the thousands of multinationals across the globe to record the attendance of their employees in an organized manner. All the available time and attendance software must require to be analyzed with the help of a software testing Services Company, otherwise desired quality cannot be achieved. Testing of these software is always beneficial to ascertain performance.  Top of the line time and attendance software are…

  • Kronos Workforce Ready
  • TimeAttend by Replicon
  • Stratustime
  • Synerion
  • TSheets Time Tracking & Scheduling
  • Mitrefinch
  • TimeForce
  • Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Kronos Workforce Central

QA procedures for Time and Attendance Software

Any software Testing Services Provider Company Out There employ a wide range of quality assurance procedures and tools to ascertain consistency and effectiveness in desired outcome. Automation test analysis are the most effective and result oriented testing strategy used by the QA analysts to remove any kind of performance vulnerabilities. As compared to manual test analysis procedures, automation is more resourceful and beneficial. It can identify any kind of bug within no time and sustain accuracy for a long lasting time period. Automation test analysis procedures not only saves time but as well as lessen the overall test analysis cost.

Automation testing is helpful because it help QA testers to reuse library of test assets and quickly execute a test plan in a précised manner. It’s the responsibility of time and attendance software developers to maintain highest level of quality by removing out the bugs with the help of a software testing services company. Security vulnerabilities can also occur in a software, which could be removed only by implementing sustainable security assurance measures. Software testing services provider firms use the following security assurance procedures and tools to rectify any kind of security vulnerability and threat.

  • Web application penetration testing approach
  • Mobile application pen testing approach
  • Infrastructure security measurement procedures
  • Physical security assessments
  • Voice over IP test analysis
  • Social engineering & Ethical Hacking


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