Software Test Management through Kualitee

Software Testing Tools- KualiteeSustaining the quality of a software or IT infrastructure is really essential from the start of its development process.  To assure perfection, software testing tools play a significant role in assuring overall performance and accuracy in desired output. As a QA tester, you might have use diverse nature quality assurance tools, but among all of those Kualitee is the best one. It has a perfect dashboard, which gives you the quick status of your project as you will log in. With Kualitee, you can easily view your ongoing testing projects, test scenarios and test case details. Selecting a software testing tool is not an easy task. You have to see its reviews on different testing sites in order to have a clear idea of the product. As per our research, most of the top software QA consulting firms love to use Kualitee in order to sustain perfection in overall output.

Manage Your Entire Project with Kualitee

You can manage your entire quality assurance project with the help of Kualitee, as it delivers some great test analysis benefits to all of its users. With the help of this tool, you can achieve complete piece of mind. Top features of Kualitee are…

  • This tool follows end to end test cycle execution process. With the help of it, you can create your test projects with complete ease and convenience.
  • Through Kualitee, any user can achieve perfect amount of build management. As a tester you can create independent builds, associate users and modules.
  • Test cases and scenarios can easily be created while using Kualitee. With Kualitee you can integrate your test cases in an organized way.
  • As a QA analyst, you can easily manage your test teams in your own customized fashion. According to your package, you can add new users.
  • Likewise the other available software testing tools, Kualitee keep the track of all of your test coverage, references and test statuses.
  • If you want to create custom fields as per your testing project, than must use Kualitee. It will help you to experience a perfect flexible data approach while performing effective test analysis.
  • Every independent software QA consulting firm love to use Kualitee in order to make copies of their current test cases and save these to use in future.
  • Four pricing models are there for testers to perform testing in a resourceful manner.

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