Software Quality Assurance for Content Marketing Platforms

Security Testing- Software Testing CompanyContent marketing has become an essential ingredient for a success recipe. Almost every business multinational firm across the globe use content marketing strategy to enhance the overall exposure of their products and services. All of these content marketing software will deliver the required amount of benefits, when these will be analyzed through a comprehensive test analysis strategy by getting the services of a QA services firm. Any software testing company use automation testing, functional testing, usability testing, performance testing and security test analysis measures to establish overall perfection and reliability in output. Sustainability in implementation of quality assurance procedure can really transform desired expected benefits. Top of the line content marketing software are…

  • SharpSpring
  • Inboundli
  • Brand24
  • Yotpo
  • SAP – CRM
  • Percolate
  • Kapost
  • StormPost

How to address Security Bugs Attached to Content Marketing Software

Any content marketing software based on the sensitive information related to the marketing and product activity of a firm. Any security bug or vulnerability could be so disastrous from the point of view of future perspective. It’s the imminent responsibility of developers of every content management software to restrain perfection by implementing security testing tools. Security testing of a software is really vital to ascertain safety for a longer time duration. Any software required to be analyzed on the following parameters.

  • Voice over IP Pen testing
  • Web Application pen testing
  • Infrastructure security assessment
  • Physical security assessment
  • Voice over IP penetration testing

 Yes, without any doubt content marketing software are the key tools to accomplish expected goals related to their future growth.  The probability of content marketing software, so as to expose to security vulnerabilities are too high because of their sensitive nature. Security testing procedures will only deliver the desired amount of results, if these will be conducted out in a sustainable fashion. Sustainability in the employment of security testing procedures will surely help developers to endure quality for a long lasting time.  A software testing company adopt the following security testing procedure to access security levels of a content marketing software.

  • Security testing scope finalization & Project Kickoff ( Gathering intelligent information)
  • Network mapping and search engine information collection
  • System finger printing though ports and access points analysis
  • Test Case Execution and Vulnerability Measurement
  • Employment of security testing procedures
  • Preparation of technical reporting and security executive summary

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