Positives Aspects of Kualitee as a Software Testing Tool

Software As a software testing professional, you always have to choose those test analysis measures and tools, which are perfectly suitable for your testing work. Software testing tools play a significant role in assuring the overall performance and accuracy in results. A wide range of software testing tools are available in the market but among all Kualitee is the most advanced and reliable one. It’s the best tool which not only helps to detect bugs and vulnerabilities at the earliest stage of development lifecycle but as well as it reduces the chances of any further exposure of bugs.  QA services firms can achieve the following benefits with Kualitee.      

Powerful Dashboard with User’s Oriented Interface

  • Yes, every software testing analyst is the fan of Kualitee because of its powerful dashboard, and the capacity to view ongoing testing projects in a resourceful fashion.
  • Through Kualitee, you can view the ongoing test projects, their statuses, and overall test scenario.
  • With Kualitee, any QA services firm can easily manage their overall testing project. With the help of its powerful project management module, you can manage to create and integrate projects with Kualitee.
  • You can start your testing project with perfect integration of JIRA tools through Kualitee and accomplish desired expected results.
  • You can add the team of testers by adding test manager, test developer, product manager or team manager.
  • Kualitee allows you to perform end to end test cycle execution process. Through this feature, you can create a new test project and add these in your current test cycles.
  • With the help of Kualitee, you can achieve integrated build management feature to execute different test cases and scenarios in a resourceful manner.
  • Create new test modules according to your group requirement. You can add users as per your available package plan to accomplish desired perfection and quality in output.
  • All the available software testing tools provide test management features, but Kualitee is one step ahead of these. It also allows extracting of testing work in PDF, Word and CSV format.
  • You can enjoy the luxury of customizable test fields with less hassle. If you are using an integrated data source, then Kualitee will provide you a flexible approach.
  • Now you can create customizable test reports with Kualitee to keep the track of your test coverage, references and test statuses.

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