Performance Bugs Attached To WeChat App! How to Remove These

WeChat- Mobile App TestingAs compared to other available voice calling and cat apps, WeChat is a much popular, much user’s friendly and possess plenty of optimized features. Around five million smartphone users around the globe have installed this app on their devices. It’s a perfect messaging and calling app, which help its users to easily connect, communicate and chat with their friends and family members. Most of the users of this app have positive reviews about it. Only few of the users face performance issues and vulnerabilities at the time of installation. Performance loopholes occur because of the reason that optimized level quality assurance of WeChat app is not carried out carried out with the help of a software testing company. WeChat app delivers the following benefits to all of its users.

  • Send unlimited video, text and voice messages to friends and family members
  • Create group chats with comfort and complete ease
  • Make new friends as well as communicate with them
  • Enjoy highest level of privacy while chatting and voice calling
  • Localization support in more than 20 different languages

Why to employ Performance Testing Measures

Performance test analysis of an app is really essential and it will only deliver the desired expected result, if it will be conducted out in a sustainable fashion. The development team of  WeChat app has to make it sure that the performance of their app is perfectly analyzed with the help of a software testing company so as to assure perfection and accuracy of their app on all available devices and platforms.

Most of the time, performance bugs occur when thousands of new user’s starts accessing an app like WeChat at the same time. Heavy loads of traffic affect the overall performance of an app and lower down its quality on available devices and platforms. Any software testing company use tools like LoadRunner, WebLoad, QALoad, SilkPerformer and Jmeter to establish performance of an app on available devices and platforms. Performance test analysis measures is performed as follows.

  • Assessment of business requirements & setting up the performance testing frameworks
  • Creation of Test Analysis Plans and defining out the tools to test performance
  • Configuration and implementation of performance testing tools
  • Execution of test scenarios and recording of outcomes
  • Making analysis and provide recommendations to developers


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