Mobile App Testing OF Uber App

Mobile Apps Testing- Uber AppUber app is rated among the best driving app available out there, allowing it’s users to move from one specific place to another. Millions of smartphone users around the globe use this app to move around and reach to their desired destination. This specific app required performance testing, in order to deliver perfect amount of quality to all of their users, when they select a specific destination. Performance testing of this app will surely allow its users to book any ride in a perfectly reliable fashion. Uber app delivers the following benefits to all of its users.

  • Just open the app and book your ride
  • Visit any place, any time when you want
  • Reliable and easy payment options
  • Give feedback about travelling experience
  • Rate your driver

The Process of Performance Testing

Performance testing of all those apps are really essential, whom are installed and used by the millions of smartphone users across the globe.  Any great app can become the victim of its own success, if thousands of users start accessing it at the same time.  Performance testing bugs could occur in Uber app anytime, when thousands of online users start access it at the same time. Performance testing can really assure the quality in performance of any app, if it is employed out in a sustainable fashion.  Any lapse in the implementation of performance test analysis approaches could affect quality in a long run.

On the other hand, the developers of Uber app also have to make it sure that every time they launch an updated version of their app, it must perform well as per the expectation of users. If they will face performance vulnerabilities and bugs, than they will show less attachment towards this app and will go for a new substitute.  Consistent performance testing of this app, with the help of a software testing company can help to assure the overall users reliability of this app on all expected platforms and devices. The process of performance testing is as follows…

  • Assessment of business requirements for performance testing
  • Identification of performance test matrices
  • Creation of software test scenarios and artifacts
  • Employment of performance testing frameworks
  • Validation of testing results and their measurements
  • Analysis of performance test analysis results
  • Preparation of recommendation note for developers to improve performance

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