Functional Testing OF PicsArt App

Software testing servicesPicsArt app is used by the more than 6 million Android smartphone users around the globe. It’s a perfect app out there which enable its users to make certain changes in their image with complete ease and perfection. PicsArt is all about making world-class awesome pictures of your friend and family and then share these with others after applying different modes. PicArt is available in all in one create suit to deliver free of cost adjustments in resolution and in overall settings of an image. Every day new users get attracted towards this app and install it on their devices. It’s essential for the developers of this app to ensure quality by removing out the functional bugs with the help of a software testing services firm. The users of this app achieve the following benefits from this app.

  • Make collage and grid of your pics
  • Edit your photos to make them more appreciable
  • Draw any sketch on an image
  • Free to edit images option
  • Free stickers to add these on pics
  • Creative content and photo challenge

How to Perform Functional Testing

Functional test analysis of an app like PicArt is really essential to assure its quality on all available platforms and devices. The development team of this app has to make it sure that functional testing is carried out in a sustainable fashion to accomplish quality for all devices. Functional testing is an essential part of the quality assurance strategy to enhance the overall performance of an app, and in results achieve the user’s appreciation.

An interruption in downloading and installation is the most common functional bugs, which are experienced by the PicArt app users.  The developers of this app have to make testing a habit in order to perform a successful release of updates otherwise, they have to face the consequences of downfall in overall app growth. Any android user only love to install those apps, whom are well tested out throughout its development lifecycle. Function testing of an app like PicArt is as follows.

  • Estimation of functional testing requirements for PicArt App
  • Precise Tools and Technology selection
  • Functional testing resource preparation and test case configuration
  • Usability framework implementation and usability script preparation
  • Functional test case execution and analysis
  • Removal of functional bugs and vulnerabilities
  • Test results capturing and preparation of testing reports
  • Communicating test outputs to developers

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