Automation Test Analysis for Zedge App

Zedge app is the most trusted app when it comes to personalization of wallpapers, images, ringtones and app icons of a smartphone device. More than 200 million people use this app worldwide and enjoy the luxury of high resolution images. On the other hand, some of its users might have to face bugs and vulnerabilities at the time of installation of this app. All of these vulnerabilities could be easily rectified through automation testing. To implement this testing framework, developers of this app has to hire a mobile apps testing company having years of experience in quality assurance. Any mobile testing firm have the right knowledge of app testing to assure perfection in quality. Zedge App delivers the following benefits to all of its users. 

  • Create single log to have a complete access of all of your favorite wallpapers, screenshots and ringtones
  • Get your own personalized theme collection according to your own desire
  • Browse millions of custom sized backgrounds to match your phone’s home screen
  • Preview and quickly set the wallpaper to enrich your experience
  • Replace the icons of any app with the new one and enjoy

Automation Testing Procedure for Zedge APP

Most of the mobile apps testing firms use automated testing measures to accomplish sustainability and accuracy in any app results. Automation test analysis procedures not only reduce the overall app development time but as well as diminish the cost of testing.  Testing of an app like Zedge must have to be carried out in a sustainable fashion without any significant lapse of time. The more an app will be tested out, the better it will perform.

Around more than thirty million smartphone users have install this app on their smartphone devices. Sometimes they have to face performance inefficiencies at the time of installation of this app. Automation testing through a mobile apps testing company can help the developers of this app to  sustain quality on every available device. Mobile automated test analysis procedures and the most beneficial ones if carried out in a persistent manner. The process of automation testing for Zedge mobile app is as follows.

  • Evaluating the testing requirements for Zedge mobile app
  • Defining out the scope and resource to start test analysis
  • Tools installation and configuration process
  • Automation and optimization phase through framework implementation and script preparation
  • Mobile app test case execution and result capturing
  • App bugs and error reposting

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