Achieve Proficient Testing With Kualitee

software-testing-toolsSoftware testing is an essential way to maintain quality and overall performance of a software or IT infrastructure by removing out the bugs in a timely fashion.  Software testing tools are the vital part of quality assurance procedures to establish perfection and overall accuracy in end results. Kualitee is rated among the most effective and fully reliable testing tool out there, allowing it’s users to perfectly maintain quality on all available devices and platforms. This tool has plenty of innovative features that not any other testing tool have. This tool not only helps its users to detect bugs at the initial stage of development life cycle but as well as it also helps to manage bugs and vulnerabilities in a fully reliable manner. Kualitee delivers the following benefits to all of its users.

  • It allows its users to create and develop test plans and test sceneries, so as to control as well as execute the test plans in a resourceful fashion.
  • Manage all steps of your test cases in a formal and professional manner with Kualitee, as it has the dedicated test analysis module.
  • You can customize your test fields as per your test requirement, so as to save achieve quality in less time.
  • You can easily attach screenshots and link these to your test cases while using Kualitee as a testing tool. By using Kualitee as a testing tool, you can create comprehensive test analysis reports, and also keep the track of test coverage accurately.
  • Software QA professionals of a QA company love to employ Kualitee as bug evaluation measure, as it delivers some great benefits in terms of bug evaluation and perform maintenance as compared to other available software testing tools.
  • Its information-rich format enables its users to report and track of bugs. All of these defects can be tracked back and forth within the cycles.
  • Through Kualitee, you can easily sync your defects and bugs with JIRA. Kualitee is an ideal way to establish quality, especially for distributed test teams.
  • Now, you can log your defects independent of test modules and test cycles in a repetitive manner. These defects do not require to be created again and again.

Among all available software testing tools, Kualitee not only saves cost but as well as deliver perfection in software test analysis results.

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