Maintaining the Quality of “My Digital Shield” Software

my-digital-shieldSecurity is the rising concern for all the business firms working worldwide to ensure the desired performance and expected quality. My digital shield software is there for the all business firms and organizations to make it sure that their installed programs are perfectly working as these have to be and delivering the expected results.  As this particular program is widely acceptable by the worldwide users so any vulnerability in its performance can affect the expected reliability standards. Software testing company is there for all their clients to manage the optimal performance standards with complete regularity and efficiency in results.  Their testing professionals have the accurate tools and techniques to measure the optimal expected performance possessed by a software. Continue reading

Automaton Testing Benefits for getting Resourceful Testing Results

automation-testingSoftware testing overall is a huge domain. Software testing analysts use diverse nature tools and frameworks to access the performance of a specific software. Automation testing is now more preferable and resourceful in comparison to manual testing artifacts. Both manual and automation testing has their own positive aspects but automation deliver more proficient and organized results. Black box testing, performance testing, integration testing, white box testing, system testing & load testing are the major part of automation analysis process. Manual testing is not a precise and effective testing process as it only detects few bugs and vulnerabilities. Manual testing is best way to test, when you have to carry out small duration test projects of low cost. This process also requires more resource and investment at the time of its initiation. Worldwide, software testing services providers like to use automation testing as it is more resourceful and perfect to deliver results. Continue reading

Top 3 Smartphones Of 2016

top smartphone of 2016In year 2016, smartphone manufacturers has to face a tough competition in order to get the attraction of their worldwide users. The only reason why users loves to use a particular smartphone is because they can install any of desired apps on it, and can perform their work accordingly. Mobile app testing plays a vital role here, especially when users have to select a smartphone on the basis of their preferred apps. This factor simply enhance the competition among the smartphone manufacturers. Below is the list of top three smartphones of 2016. Continue reading