Penetration Testing Protocols For U Route Software

u-routePenetration testing is the process that evaluates the security of any information structure or software by independently carrying out a safe test to exploit attached bugs and vulnerabilities. Penetration testing is extremely useful in determining out the level of resistance possessed by any particular software against security threats.  Transportation management systems are more exposed to threats and it’s essential for its developers to conduct timely penetration testing by engaging a software testing company. U Route is an efficient transportation system that is designed to maintain an efficient link between shipper and core carriers.  U Route is a   perfect option for the companies who are looking for a straightforward and easy to adopt a transportation management and controlling tool. Timely employment of penetration testing will ensure reliability and efficiency of software and helping owners to maintain overall customer chunk. Continue reading

Test Process Management Tools Are Essential Part of SDLC Process

Test-process-ManagementAs an enterprise ticketing solution, Agile ticketing software deliver some enhanced and efficient tracking solutions for their clients which include programming, art & music festivals, tour operators and diverse nature ticketing portal tracking and management. It’s a fully integrated program which helps multinationals to accurately conduct the operations of client management in timely and organized fashion. A verity of features like membership management, event ticketing, customer relationship management and precise card management are the top most features of agile ticketing software. For the quality assurance team of this software, it’s compulsory to conserve overall user reliability and efficacy by employing test process management tools. These tools are the key to the sustaining long-lasting yield of a particular software. Continue reading