Automation Testing of Google Maps App

Google Map AppGoogle Maps app is one of the most widely used app by the millions of users around the globe.  Smartphone users use that app to navigate their positioning and finding out their desired destination in a perfect and efficient way. That app allows accurate and efficient navigation either you are on your bicycle, car or motorbike. It provides the information of more than fifteen thousand public directions of different cities in the world.  Any stranger can get the benefit of this app to be on their desired destination even if doesn’t know about the important parts of the city.  For the thousands of tourists around the globe, this app is a perfect one to get the benefit of reaching their unknown destinations within no time. Testing has to be at the top of the priority for any developers of an app like Google Maps to identify any kinds of bugs and inefficiencies. Automation testing company is the best place for the developers to determine any bugs or inefficiencies that lead to a decline in the performance of the app. Continue reading

Enormously Reliable Software Testing Tools (An Independent Review)

Software Testing ToolsSoftware testing tools are imperative so as to maintain the overall software testing cycle process in an efficient way.  These tools help in creating and maintaining the artifacts related to the each software test cycle and requirements of test cases.  Developers around the globe could get the benefit of these testing tools to track the records of the bugs and defects and, then to generate the reports that lead to identifying how inefficiencies could be removed. Continue reading

The Persistent App Testing Of Retrica

Retrica AppThe persistency in testing is always a key to maintain the long-lasting performance of an app especially Retrica;  that  is the most eminent app regarding providing best quality loaded filters, customization, editing and making collage pics. From the time when it is released; over more than two hundred and fifty downloads are recorded and because of that reason it’s become essential for its developers to apply those parameters and tools which lead to sustainability and reliability in the performance of an app. you can preview your snap and photos before posting it on a platform by using that app. That app provides compelling features like vintage, collage, stamp, timer, exposure and social to all their users who have download that app and install it on their smartphones. Continue reading

How To Conserve Long Lasting In Enactment Of Sound Cloud App

Sound-CloudFor the developers of Sound Cloud app, it’s necessary to conduct testing of their designed app by engaging a quality mobile app testing services provider. That app is used by the thousands of customers all across the globe so as to listen free audio music. Anytime and anywhere you can get the benefit of that app to hear the quality music of any of your desired artist or musician. By using that app, you could easily discover new music trends in your area. As that app has a huge popularity graph as compared to its rival mobile apps so because of that reason, it’s vital for its developers to conduct it’s testing on the consist basis. Software testing services providers have the ability to ascertain the long-lasting in an app performance by applying different kinds of accurate and reality-based tools. Continue reading

Testing Of Photile Live Wallpaper APP

PhotileThe app which got the appreciation among all the smartphone users across the globe in recent times is photile live wallpaper app. That specific app is used by the smartphone users to manage the image, shadows, and layout and lock screen of their smartphone in a more customizable and interesting way. The important thing that must be understood by the developers of that app is to conduct testing on that app at regular intervals. Mobile app testing services providers are the ones who have efficiently designed and developed those kinds of tools which could quickly  identify any kind of bugs and inefficiencies that could affect the profile live wallpaper app overall performance. Continue reading

Mobile App Testing Of Chrome Browser App

Chrome App TestingMobile app testing is an imperative phenomenon that must be performed by the developers of Chrome browser app to sustain the performance in the functionality of that app. Mobile app testing services providers are those who have developed and designed that kind of tools which can identify the bugs and inefficiencies that could lead to decline in overall app performance. Chrome Browser app provide the same level of fast browsing experience to all their smartphone users as they are experiencing it on their laptop or personal computer. The sustainability in users experience could only be maintained in that app when a specialized testing platform is used by the developers to sustain optimum level performance. Continue reading